We are sorry to record the death on 9 August of our District President, the Duke of Westminster, and send our condolences to his family and friends. He will be sorely missed.

The Duke of Westminster was President of the Chester and District Scout Council for more than thirty years, taking up the position on his accession to the title in 1979.

As one of the most prominent citizens of Chester, the Duke’s support was instrumental in maintaining the District’s profile and providing an introduction to others who could be in a position to help the Movement. In his time as President, he offered support to the District in many ways. These included attendance at Scout events, presiding over annual meetings and allowing his land and the prestigious Long Room at Eaton Hall to be used for District events.

As the District’s President, the Duke’s involvement has been of great value to the District and this was recognised by the award of the Silver Acorn in 2010, the year in which we celebrated the centenary of the creation of Chester District.

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