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Upcoming Events

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We are gradually re-starting meetings for volunteers or youth members as the Government’s roadmap for lifting restrictions proceeds. Keep an eye on our eUPDATE weekly news email for the latest news.

Here is our calendar of events. As well as one-off activities, there are a number of recurring ones:

  • District volunteers’ meetings: first Thursday in February, March, May, June, September and October (the meetings in March, June and October are open to all; the other meetings are organised by each Section). Also, a barbecue is held in July and a Christmas celebration in December
  • Group Scout Leaders and Deputies meet in January, April and October
  • District Executive Committee: March, June, September and December
  • District Appointments Approval Meetings: monthly (except August and December)
  • Chester Scout Fellowship Scout Active Support Unit: monthly (for further details email activesupport@chesterscouts.org.uk)
  • Adult Training Modules: check https://www.cheshirescouts.org.uk/adult-support/training

More information for those taking part in events can be found at https://www.chesterscouts.org.uk/members-area/section-information.

Most of our adult volunteers receive a weekly email (eUPDATE) which provides news and ideas for Chester and District. If you don’t see this and would like to, please email media@chesterscouts.org.uk. Before you are added to the list, we’ll do a quick check on your membership status and we reserve the right to decline requests if necessary as a result.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls