Nights Away

Please send in Form NAN and the risk assessment at least 14 days before the event – it helps also if you:

  • add the expiry dates for DBS and for Safety, Safeguarding and First Aid training in the other members section
  • give the Form NAN and risk assessment a name which includes your Group, Section and date of event
  • include Group, Section and date of event in the subject line of your message

You can download more information here:


There are additional requirements for using premises for sleepovers. Unless the premises have a fire risk assessment which explicitly references allowing overnight sleepovers for young people, then sleepovers should not take place. Suitable buildings should have (amongst other things) a hard-wired fire detection and alarm system whereby excessive heat or smoke or manual initiation in any location sounds the evacuation alarm in the whole premises. The District Centre at Weston Grove, for example, does not have this. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in enforcement action, with possible penalties and negative impact on our reputation. If in doubt check with the District.

Advance notification of sleepovers must be given to the Fire and Rescue Service who may choose to audit the measures in place at locations for which they receive a notification.

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