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Planning and Assessing Risk

Assessing risk in order to reduce or remove it is at the heart of safe Scouting and is present in everything we do. Remember risk assessment is something we all do every day in deciding to cross a road or get out of the car, so no one should be scared of doing a risk assessment within Scouting. Resources are provided to help provide simple and practical guidance on this issue.

FS120000 Activities - Risk Assessment (PDF)
A simple guide to completing a risk assessment within Scouting, from identifying risk to understanding how to reduce and control risk, not forgetting how to make sure that everyone is aware of what the risk assessment contains and what it means for the activity.

Safety Checklist for Leaders (PDF)
This document summarises the key action points for organising safe programme and list some of the regular hazards that Leaders need to consider in their planning…at the Scout HQ, outside it and even for a trip away. You can also get a handy pocket sized card from Scoutshops.

Safety Checklist for Managers (PDF)
If you are a Group Scout Leader, District Commissioner or similar management role this captures the key functions of Scouting safely for which you are responsible.

FS320012 Safety - Practical Tips (PDF)
Four key topics which form a part of your planning and organisation for safety:

Managing free time activities safely (FS120340)
Some tips on how to reduce the risk of incidents during free time activities.

Lone Working within Scouting (FS120341)
Guidance on how to safely manage a lone working activity within Scouting. 

Safe Scouting and What to do in an Emergency (Purple Card)
This contains essential Information to help you plan safe activities and the necessary prompts to aid you in the event of an accident.  You can also get a handy pocket sized card from Scoutshops.


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