While we are not meeting face-to-face, we are encouraging our leaders and other volunteers to develop ways of delivering Scouting for young people at home.

Online group calls/video conferencing

There are many packages available to help you operate online. Often, computer users have access to Skype, where you can have a group call of up to 50 people. Other services are:

All these have free versions (although you get better service if you pay a subscription). Microsoft Teams – part of Office 365 – also handles conference calls, but there is no free version. However, Office 365 is available to registered charities at no cost but requires considerable setting up before it can be widely used.

  • Facebook LIVE is great for giving live visual or audio demonstrations of activities, being able to talk to your audience in real time, take live questions from your audience and to interact with them during practical activities. It is not possible to see or hear your audience but they will be able to send in comments which are viewable by all participants to the stream. The audience will be able to see and hear you, as the host, via your device’s webcam and microphone. Download guidance here.

Safeguarding during Scouting at Home

For advice on safeguarding during Scouting at Home activities click here.

Here are some ideas for you …

  • Advice from our national headquarters on adapting the programme during the current suspension of face-to-face meetings: click here

  • Scouts at home.

  • Here’s a good example programme from the 1st Bishops Waltham Diamond Cub Pack – click here.

  • Have you seen the new programme planning tool? There are already loads of activities complete with resources you can complete from home.

  • All Groups in Chester and District have access to Online Scout Manager free of charge (https://www.onlinescoutmanager.co.uk/). OSM have announced:

Badges at home

  • This allows leaders to set badges for young people to complete in their own time. Parents can upload photos or video evidence and comments making it easy for leaders to award badges. Young people can also pick badges they want to do themselves.

Programmes at home

  • This allows leaders to setup programme meetings in OSM as they normally would but enable a feature for delivering content and resources required for that meeting directly to parents and young people. During the meeting young people can upload photos and videos as well as securely chat with other young people in their section.
  • Here are some links to Badges that you can do at home. Many thanks to Mersey Weaver District for producing these:

  • Beaver Badge pack
  • Cub Badge pack
  • Scout Badge pack  
  • Cheshire Scouts present #CampAtHome – an initiative from Northumberland Scouts!

Calling all young people from across Cheshire, the UK, and the wider world. Coronavirus may have changed the way we do things, but it won’t stop Scouts camping!

Northumberland Scouts are organising a month-long Virtual Camp across April, from 1 – 30 April. Ending with an attempt to set the world record for the Largest Virtual Camp on 30 April, when we’d like as many Cheshire Scouts as possible to participate.

Take up the challenge and let’s keep on ‘virtually camping’. Here are the “rules”:

We’re asking you all… Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network, Leaders, Parents, and young people interested in joining in the fun to:

  • Pack a bag
  • Build a den at home / pitch a tent in the garden/ hang up a hammock (whatever you can)
  • Sleep in your shelter of choice
  • Build a ‘campfire’ (real or virtual)
  • Take part in a ‘Scouty’ activity
  • Help with cooking a meal.

MOST IMPORTANTLY… Each night you participate share a creative photo, video, blog, etc. to our social media using the hashtag #CampAtHome

Then share them with your leaders and friends to show that although we can’t meet “face to face”, Scouting doesn’t stop!

Each young person who takes part will be entitled to ONE Night Away for each night they participate (as long as they aren’t sleeping in their bed). Meaning you could get up to an extra 30 Nights Away if you take on the challenge!

Everyone who participates will also get a Virtual Certificate for joining in, we will also be awarding special Virtual Certificates for those that manage the full month. Additionally, if you take part on 30 April and we get enough participants you’ll be part of setting a world record!

  • Paw Print Badges Set up by Scouters/Guiders. Ready done, free challenge activities, and you can purchase badges once complete. Money goes into fund for trips abroad.

  • You can create your own online quiz which could be something that would work for an evening’s virtual meeting: MyQuiz.

  • Chester Zoo – 50 things to do at home.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls