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A hero among heroes
10th July 2018
The Queen’s Birthday Honours
9th June 2018
Annual Meeting
30th May 2018
Congratulations, Hannah!
1st May 2018
St George’s Day Awards
13th March 2018
Gang Show 2018
13th February 2018
YouShape 2018
13th February 2018
Cub Scout Craft Competition
13th February 2018
Gang Show sleepover
16th January 2018
New Year’s Honours
30th December 2017
Happy New Year!
29th December 2017
Beaver Scout Challenge
21st November 2017
Celebrating Success
6th November 2017
Gang Show in a Day!
19th September 2017
Beeston Hike 2017
22nd July 2017
Roman Experience
27th June 2017
Lord Derby Competition 2017
10th June 2017
Annual General Meeting
6th June 2017
Lord Derby Competition
16th May 2017
District Annual Meeting
16th May 2017
Lord Derby Competition
25th March 2017
Cheshire Cubs Art And Craft Competition
25th March 2017
#YOUSHAPE is Here!
10th February 2017
Executive Committee Day
10th February 2017
Cub Scout Craft Competition
10th February 2017
Chester Gang Show
10th February 2017
Awards to Volunteers
10th February 2017
Cubs Promise Party
10th December 2016
Beaver Scout Challenge 2016
28th November 2016
Gang Show for Beavers and Cubs
11th October 2016
The Duke of Westminster – gone home
10th August 2016
CubJam 2016
5th June 2016
Annual General Meeting 2016
20th May 2016
St George’s Day 2016 at Chester Cathedral
24th April 2016
50th Cheshire Hike – April 2016
6th April 2016
Special Badge for Beaver Scouts
14th March 2016
Beavers are 30!
14th March 2016
Gang Show a triumph!
23rd February 2016
Cubs take over Blackpool!
7th February 2016
Season’s Greetings
19th December 2015
Beaver Scout Challenge 2015
15th November 2015
Jamboree on the Air 2015
20th October 2015
Roman Day for Beavers
22nd September 2015
Japan here we come …
20th July 2015
Michael strikes gold!
20th July 2015
Totem Pole Competition
8th July 2015
Annual Meeting 2015
15th June 2015
County Scout Sunday
9th June 2015
Cheshire Hike 2015
29th April 2015
St George’s Day 2015
28th April 2015
St George’s Day Awards
10th March 2015
District Camp 2015
6th March 2015
Gang Show 2015
24th February 2015
Jamboree on the Air 2014
18th August 2014
Beeston Hike
22nd July 2014
42nd Chester Beavers raise funds for others
8th July 2014
Alex Bain – Queen’s Scout Award
8th July 2014
County Scout Sunday
17th June 2014
Sandstone in Parliament
3rd June 2014
Brook Street Carnival
25th May 2014
District AGM 2014
23rd May 2014
St George’s Day 2014
27th April 2014
Seeing double …
8th April 2014
Cheshire Hike 2014
7th April 2014
World Jamboree 2015
5th April 2014
Thanks to BT Volunteers!
2nd April 2014
County Beaver Scout Challenge
31st March 2014
Awards Presentation
16th March 2014
Gang Show – well done!
26th February 2014
Delamere Forest
18th February 2014
Gang Show – get your tickets!
7th February 2014
Crafty Cubs …
3rd February 2014
Beeston Hike 2014
28th January 2014
Beaver Scout Challenge
9th January 2014
Membership Subscriptions for 2014
17th December 2013
Chief Scout’s Gold Awards
27th November 2013
Totem Pole Competition
27th November 2013
Congratulations, Rose!
1st October 2013
Gang Show 2014 – We’re Back!!
10th September 2013
Sponsored Walk
25th August 2013
Riverside Centre
1st August 2013
Sandstone Hike
29th June 2013
Dragon Boat Competition
19th May 2013
St George’s Day Service
21st April 2013
Queens Scout Award, February 2013
2nd March 2013
Another great Gang Show!
25th February 2013
Crafty Cubs
2nd February 2013
Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award, January 2013
2nd January 2013
Chester District Scouts win County Swimming Gala!
1st January 2013
Awards for Good Service, December 2012
2nd December 2012
Casino Royale Success!!
26th November 2012
Chief Scout’s Gold Awards
1st September 2012
Explorer Belt in Bulgaria
31st August 2012
District Swimming Gala
31st August 2012
Award for Good Service, August 2012
2nd August 2012
31st July 2012
Canoe Expedition on the Dee
25th July 2012
Beeston Hike
1st June 2012
Awards for Good Service, May 2012
2nd May 2012
Chief Scout’s Service Awards, May 2012
2nd May 2012
St Georges Day Awards, 2012
23rd April 2012
Queens Scout Award
2nd April 2012
Chief Scout’s Service Awards, March 2012
2nd March 2012
Chief Scout’s Service Awards, January 2012
1st January 2012
Chief Scout’s Service Awards, December 2011
1st December 2011
Awards for Good Service, November 2011
1st November 2011

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Latest News

A hero among heroes
10th July 2018